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Drinking and Dining

You'll find good eateries in Katapola, Hora, Aegiali, Langada and Tholaria. Most of the available rooms are in Katapola and Hora. There are sophisticated shops, bars and cafes.


See our greece hotels for a complete look at accommodations available on this island. There are several excellent choices.


  greek islands amorgos cycladesAncient Minoa, about 1 km south of Katapola, and near the village of Lefkes may be reached by walking up Mudulais Hill. This village may have begun as a colony of Crete.

There one can see remains of the Temple of Apollo, the gymanasium, and parts of an acropolis.

Major archological finds have been discovered on Amorgos and the largest Cycladic figurine in the Athens National Archeological Museum were found nearby.

Inhabited since about 3000 BC Amorgos seems to have trading links with Milos and Egypt. A commonwealth of three different city-states. Minoa, Kastri (modern Arkesini) and Aegiali shared the island, each with its own coinage. Alexander the Great's generals ruled the island, then the Romans who used it as a place of exile and later the Byzantines who were unable to defend it against Turkish pirates.

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