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Drinking and Dining

There is good food in most Kea villages and towns. If you're seeking night life on this family-oriented island you can find it in Ioulis. In Korissia for dinner? Harbor side, try Kostas Taverna or The Faros (lighthouse). The up-scale Ouzerie Lagoudera is a nice change in its refurbished neo-classical house further along the Limani just past the periptero. The gavrous xydato is excellent. In Otzias, for down- to-earth good dining try Yiannis Fish Taverna on the shore road. In Ioulis, take advantage of the spectacular views and sup at The Ioulis on the main square or The Piatsa just thru the main archway. Other taverns of repute are To Steki or Argeeries, both noted for their traditional cuisine. In Pisses, try Polities (or the citizen) for good Greek food!


greece greek islands kea tziagreece greek islands kea tziagreece greek islands kea tziaArcheological finds show that Kea was inhabited well before 3000 BC and preceded both Minoan and Mycenaean cultures. Its inhabitants defended themselves with valor from the Minoan attempt at colonization on the peninsula of Aghia Irini but were eventually supplanted. Supposedly, Minos visited Kea and originated the Kean race with a local native named Dexithea.

In classical times Kea was comprised of  four settlements: Ioulis, Korissa, Polessa and Karthaea. The classical ear Keans worshiped Aristeos, a song of Apollo, who saved the Cyclades from the star Sirius. Famous sons of Kea include Bacchylides the lyric poet, Simonides the historian, the philosopher Ariston and the physician Erasistratos.

Kea is also famous for its treatment of the elderly. In times of trouble people over 70 were forced to commit suicide by imbibing a hemlock-like poison in order to conserve food for the younger population. This practice is known as geroktonia. Keans say this only happened during the time the island was besieged by Athenians and food was scarce.

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