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greek island syrosgreek island syrosErmoupolis' Twin Peaks

Syros main port and capital Ermoupoli, population 12,000, is named after the ancient Greek mercantile god Hermes.

It's the largest city in the Cyclades, the capital of the Cyclades, and was once the premier port in all of Greece. The Venetians built the hilltop, predominantly Catholic, Ano Syros or upper-Syros on the left, or north, of the two peaks overlooking Ermoupoli.

The right peak. settled primarily with Greek Orthodox islanders, come to govern the fledgling state. The right peak is called Deeli or Vrondado. In Vrondado, the elegant buildings have been restored to their original colors. There are old street lamps and palm trees adding to the charms in this quarter.

greek island syrosLower Ermoupolis

greek island syrosElegant Mialouli Sqare is the center of the lower town and ringed with cafes, shops and administrative buildings. There's a statue of Admiral Miaoulis, a revolutionary hero.

The most important buildings in the Square are the Town Hall (1876) and the Apollon Municipal Theatre, a copy in miniature of La Scala, Milan. The Apollo was the first ever Opera House in Greece and until 1914 had regularly scheduled Italian productions. The Historial Archives are near the Town Hall. The Historical Archives are the scene of the Ermoupolis Seminars in summer.

Ermoupoli has had many of its elegant, neo-classical buildings and restored mansions that make wandering pleasant.

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