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Spetses TownSpetses Town, the only island town, stretches along the coast for 2 to 3 km. It isn't densely packed like most Greek island towns, but stretches about and hides among the greenery.

Black and white pebble mosiacs dot the landcape. Look for the one commemorating the revolt of 1821 just as you disembark at the Dapia (square).

Dapai Square is cannon studded focal point and a pleasant reminder of days past. It was once the island's first line of defense, but now is home to many cafes and a statue of Bouboulina.

spetses greek island 

Spetses town's mosaic-like pebble studded streets transport visitors far from the hectic bustle of big city life.

From Dapia, boats visit several of the islands beautiful swimming coves: Aghios Georgos, Aghia Pereskevi and Vrellos or the tiny islet of Petrokaravo.

spetses greek island Drinking and Dining

The limani (port) is festooned with strings of many colored lights making evening dining at a harbor side taverna festive and delicious. Good food including lobster, fish, lamb, and Italian dishes can be found.

The bars really start to come alive around 1 AM.


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