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Ferry Routes - Central Cyclades & Crete - Island hopping how to

Antiparos - Ios - Naxos - Paros - Santorini (Crete)

the central cyclades routesDepicted are one of the major routes ferry companies use to travel between the islands of the Central Cyclades, Crete and the mainland. If Crete is your goal there are express direct routes too or even flights.

Ferry boats of various types, speeds and sizes arrive and depart from both Piraeus main harbor all year long. Some go all the way to Crete and some don't.

In Ancient times Delos was considered the center of the Cyclades. More recently Syros was made the capitol for geographic and economic reasons and today everybody has his own pet theory of what the center of the Cyclades really is. Ferry companies have their own economically derived dromo-loghia (route logic) so often the point is moot and the weather must not be forgotten.

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