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Drinking and Dining

There are excellent places to eat on Thassos. The nightlife is young and active. The villages on the east and west coasts all have decent places to eat.


See our Greece hotels for a complete look at accommodations available on this island.


The island has been populated since the Stone Age and was known for its natural wealth of marble, gold, silver and vineyards. Its wonderful climate and location have made it fair game for invaders and conquerors over the centuries: Persians, Thassians, Athenians, Romans, Turks, Russian, Egyptians, and Bulgarians have all had control over the island at one time or another.

Hints from Harry

The moist climate here breeds mosquitoes very well. Bring insect repellant!

The Complete Details

Helpful Information Transportation Facts
  • By Air: There are daily flights from Athens and Thessaloniki to Kavala
  • By Sea: Thassos has 2 harbors, and ferries link from Kavala hourly to Skala Prinou, 1 1/2 hrs, €4
  • Limenas, the other harbor, only links once a day with Kavala, but several times a day from Keramoti, 45 min., €1.50, almost due north of the island
  • There is bus service on the island and you can find water taxis, excursion boats, motorcycles and cars to rent.
Island Resources
  • Tel. Code:0593
  • Postal Code: 64004
  • Thassos Police Tel: 22-500
  • Archeological Museum Tel: 22-180
  • Ambulance Tel: 166
  • Potamia, Vagis Museum/ Tel: 61-400
  • Prinos Health Center/ Tel: 71-100/1
  • Thassos Port Authority/ Tel: 22-106
  • Bus Station, across from ferry/ Tel: 22-162
  • Prinos Port Authority/ Tel: 71-390
  • National Bank, 24hr ATM, waterfront, M-Sat till 1:30
  • OTE, 1 block in from harbor

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