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Mountain Villages

greece greek islands kos cos dodecanese

Kos has a mostly mountainous central backbone. From Kos Town take the road west to see some wonderful views and arrive at the village of Zipari with its two ruined Byzantine basilicas. The road then passes through woods to a couple of white washed villages: Asfendiou and Zia with well kept gardens, ground water and walnut groves. These villages are on the tourist bus routes and can become inundated with just one bus load. Kos' highest peak Mt. Dikaios Christos at 846m is a 3 hour hike.

greece greek islands kos cos dodecaneseFrom Asfendiou the road cuts cross country to Lagoudi and then to Amaniou and the turn to Old Pyli. Old Pyli was the Byzantine capitol of Kos, now a ghost town camouflaged rather cleverly in the rocks. The modern village of Pyli is below and a farming center. Further west is the 14th Century Castle of Antimacheia (or anti-war) built by the knights as a prison for some of its rowdier members. Below it is the large village of modern Antimacheia, which is near the airport. Plaka above the airport has a nice picnic ground and panoramic sunsets.

Beaches on the south coast

greece greek islands kos cos dodecanesegreece greek islands kos cos dodecanesegreece greek islands kos cos dodecaneseKardamena was a small fishing village, now very commercialized but it still has a nice sandy beach. It's quite long and the farther you walk the more secluded it becomes. It culminates at secluded Chelona Beach a favorite haunt of Chelona's or sea turtles.

Kefalos Bay  and its town Kefalos (pop. 1200) are extremely commercialized. The bus will take you there from Kos Town (43km) and to the several beaches, of which Paradise Beach is the most popular. Camel and Magic Beaches are less congested and to either side. Both can be reached on foot from Paradise Beach, or by Kefalos bus. The southwestern waters are cooler yet calmer than those along the northern shore; and, apart from Kardamena and Kefalos Bay, the beaches on this side of the island are less tourist-filled.

For wind surfers, the extreme southwestern tip of the island, on the Kefalos peninsula near Ayios Theologos has steady winds.

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